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Cheese Braids

Here is the recipe for Cheese Braids! I hope all of you enjoy them as much as we do and the pictures below show bits and pieces of them in the making. […]

Chocolate Whipping Cream Torte

This year I tried my hand at the family’s traditional Easter dessert: chocolate whipping cream torte. It was hands-down the most involved dessert recipe I have ever taken on. It’s also amazingly delicious and absolutely perfect for such a special day! […]

Easter memories

Holidays are worth celebrating, and none more than Easter — at least, that’s the impression I grew up with, given the special attention my parents gave to celebrating this important Sunday.

And so I thought it might be fun to write a bit about the Easter traditions we had growing up. I know it’s now only a few days before the event, but if nothing else, this will be fodder for next year’s celebration! […]