Titus 2

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Keepers At Home – Pt. 1

After an unplanned absence, it is time to resume our Titus 2 study (this mom was too busy being a mom — no time to post! Sorry!)

Chaste and Pure; Pt.3

Some final thoughts on protecting and promoting purity.

Chaste and Pure; Pt.2

We began to look at the “strange woman” of Proverbs infamy! There’s more today!

Chaste and Pure; Pt.1

For the next few posts we will be considering Paul’s exhortation to teach how to be chaste and pure. Guess it’s an age old dilemma…

Loving Your Children — Pt. 5

Some final thoughts!

Loving Your Children — Pt. 4

Some practical thoughts on this subject, from Moses himself!

Loving Your Children — Pt. 3

The end of Jochobed’s story. It’s a good one.

Loving Your Children — Pt. 2

Today we continue our study of Jochobed, mother of Moses. Join us!

Loving Your Children — Pt.1

This month we consider the mandate on the Titus 2 woman to “love her children” — where does it begin and how can we teach this? Let’s take a look together!

Loving Your Husband, Pt. 3

If your love isn’t expressed in tangible ways, you are not practicing true love.