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Sarah: A woman who enjoyed a life of peace

I love the last part of 1 Peter 3:6 — the potential of a life that’s not frightened by any fear! How awesome is that! […]

Sarah: A woman of character, as brought to light in First Peter

So what can we learn from Sarah, as we consider her story through the lens of 1 Peter? […]

Sarah: A Woman Who Chose Trust

Let’s take a look at the opportunities for trust in Sarah’s life […]

Sarah: A Holy Woman

“Peter refers to Sarah (and others like her) as holy. What qualified them to be defined in such a way? Surprisingly, nothing very “supernatural”. No bizarre signs and wonders, no glowing halos hovering above their heads.” [more…]

Some more thoughts on loving children

Mom’s been writing her thoughts on this over in the Titus 2 corner. And what great, impacting thoughts. And how totally contrary to what we learn from the culture around us. Love children? Value them? Speak well of them? Nurture them? Sacrifice for them? Do anything other than endure them? […]

Scheduling links!

Routines and schedules need to be tailored to our season in life, our needs, and our personalities. But guess what? Chances are, there are ideas out there on the internet that will fit you almost to a T!

I’ve collected here a few samples […]

Singleness and scheduling

Whether your personality naturally tends towards the orderly, or if you’re one of those whose skin crawls when you hear the word “plan”, let me suggest some reasons for why I believe every single woman needs to implement some self-discipline in her day […]

Trusting the Lord

Behind every feministic view lies a deception that has settled into the core of a person and manifested itself as something our worldview thinks attractive and even worse, correct. Often it is insecurity, self-protection, rebellion, or anger. Whatever the first whispers of lies or un-dealt with sin, the result has been years […]

Why Every Woman Needs a Titus 2 Vision

According to Proverbs 29:18 – “Where there is no vision the people cast off restraint.” – we are all in need of vision. So what should that vision look like? […]