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Teaching Children to Work, Pt. 3

We continue to look at training children to work, this time from Louissa’s perspective!

Teaching Children to Work, Pt. 2

How this “once young mom” learned the value of training children to not only do work, but enjoy work. Check it out!

Teaching children to work

A few questions about kids and chore charts prompted us to begin a little series on the subject. Rather than just jump into how to arrange certain jobs and match them with the right little person, we thought we’d start here: The Why […]

Babies and sleep

What about babies sleeping through the night? How? When should they?
What does this issue have to do with breastfeeding? Fertility cycles? God’s plan?
Wow! What a topic!

Singleness and scheduling

Whether your personality naturally tends towards the orderly, or if you’re one of those whose skin crawls when you hear the word “plan”, let me suggest some reasons for why I believe every single woman needs to implement some self-discipline in her day […]

Daily Routines

This week we received a follow-up question to some shared thoughts on routine housekeeping: Regarding a daily schedule, what should happen at “this” time or how should our time be broken down to be more effective? Join our discussion!

Routine Housekeeping

This week I’m sharing a thought in response to a question we received recently about establishing routines and schedules around the home: “I am really struggling to set up a schedule for my young family of three… I feel like if I could just get together a schedule things would go so much smoother and my husband would come home to a happier environment in the evenings. I was wondering if you moms could give a few suggestions […]

Childtraining Basics

We’re answering our Question of the Week a day early, due to the high number of questions that came in! This week we look at some fundamentals which need to be in place if we hope to see our children successfully trained in “the way that they should go.” Join us in our discussion! Add your insights so we all might benefit!


Do picture perfect glimpses into other peoples lives leave you wondering, feeling a bit undone, maybe even overwhelmed? Check out this week’s question and answer. Add some thoughts of your own, please!

On Vaccinations

“Is vaccinating your child really necessary and is it safe?” (Read our thoughts, share yours.)