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Teenage/Parent Relationships, Part 2

I’m Liana, number 7 in the Sinclair lineup, and I completing part 2 in this series of questions. These are my thoughts about building and safeguarding relationships between parents and children. Hopefully they are helpful!

Teenage/Parent Relationships

Camilla leads off as the girls take turns answering this series of questions concerning mother/teenage children relationships. Check out a daughter’s perspective!

Remembering Resurrection Sunday!

A look at how to make Easter special!

Sinclair traditions: valentine’s day

We begin sharing our own holiday traditions and memories with you, hopefully encouraging you to continue on in the traditions you have established and perhaps even giving you inspiration for ways you can bless and love your family through traditions. Today we begin with Valentine’s Day!

Let’s Celebrate!

Why invest all this time, energy, and money in traditions and celebration? I’ll tell you why!

Kicking it off: Traditions!!

Taking the time and effort to establish some significant traditions is a golden opportunity for you to impart to your family […]

Teaching children to work, Pt 7

Over the last few months, I’ve developed a chore chart system for Gabriel (5 years) and Bronwyn (4 years), borrowing from several great ideas I’ve seen others come up with. (In other words, I can’t claim any creative genius for what you’re about to see!) Developing a system was important to me for a number […]

Teaching children to work, Pt 6

The five finger chores are very simple: hands and face (wash), teeth and hair (brush), dress down to your feet (shoes as well!), make your bed, and pick up (bedroom). Each morning we had to do these chores before coming down for breakfast or school depending on what the routine was that semester. Mom traced […]

Teaching Children to Work, Pt. 5

How do I motivate my children to work? What do they need to be learning? What and how much can they do? As our children get older, these questions need to be addressed!

Teaching children to work, Pt 4

As a mom of young children, I’m still very much in the stage of teaching my children how to do housework versus being able to lean on them to carry a fair share. For example, Bronwyn still needs me next to her as she puts the silverware away to make sure she’s getting everything where […]