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Aubrey at the beach

A backyard bonfire

(Merrick Sinclair and Gabriel Paladin)

She said yes!


On Thursday night, Rick proposed and Carina said yes!

Go here for more details.

The Line-Up

We were all together– an increasingly rare occasion– for Julia’s graduation from highschool last week. We’re pictured in age order, from left to right.

Slam dunkin’ it with Daddy

Merrick William

Our little man is focused as he keeps his eye on the ball.


Gabriel works with his daddy and a bunch of college students to build a fence around his yard.

Matching cousins

Aubrey in her ‘bunz… …and Jameson in his.

a big girl has fun.

In pictures: Louissa has fun.

A California Birthday

Hubby and I arrived in San Francisco a couple of days ago to visit daughter Danica and her family. Yesterday was his birthday. My gift was a gourmet style meal. What fun for me! Danica and I strolled the aisles of Trader Joes as I oohed and ahhed over specialty items. “I’ll try one of […]