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Teenage/Parent Relationships, Part 2

I’m Liana, number 7 in the Sinclair lineup, and I completing part 2 in this series of questions. These are my thoughts about building and safeguarding relationships between parents and children. Hopefully they are helpful!

Teenage/Parent Relationships

Camilla leads off as the girls take turns answering this series of questions concerning mother/teenage children relationships. Check out a daughter’s perspective!

Babies and Schedules

This woman took the words right out of my mouth. Check out her link to American Academy of Pediatrics as well.

Kicking it off: Traditions!!

Taking the time and effort to establish some significant traditions is a golden opportunity for you to impart to your family […]

Loving Your Children — Pt. 5

Some final thoughts!

Loving Your Children — Pt. 4

Some practical thoughts on this subject, from Moses himself!

Some more thoughts on loving children

Mom’s been writing her thoughts on this over in the Titus 2 corner. And what great, impacting thoughts. And how totally contrary to what we learn from the culture around us. Love children? Value them? Speak well of them? Nurture them? Sacrifice for them? Do anything other than endure them? […]

Loving Your Children — Pt. 3

The end of Jochobed’s story. It’s a good one.

Loving Your Children — Pt. 2

Today we continue our study of Jochobed, mother of Moses. Join us!

Loving Your Children — Pt.1

This month we consider the mandate on the Titus 2 woman to “love her children” — where does it begin and how can we teach this? Let’s take a look together!