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Keepers At Home — Pt. 3

Some final thoughts on making home a home!

Keepers At Home — Pt. 2

“Keeping home” takes on new meaning as we continue to explore this vital concept.

Keepers At Home – Pt. 1

After an unplanned absence, it is time to resume our Titus 2 study (this mom was too busy being a mom — no time to post! Sorry!)

Traditions: the gift of atmosphere

One of the simplest and most profound ways to establish tradition is through atmosphere. When I recall special moments throughout my childhood, the atmosphere– sights, sounds, and smells– stands out at least as much as the actual activities. Mom is amazing at creating pleasant and special atmospheres. She has taught us girls so much about […]

Kicking it off: Traditions!!

Taking the time and effort to establish some significant traditions is a golden opportunity for you to impart to your family […]

Starting Soon!

I stood at the kitchen sink gazing out of the window. “Wow, the fall is going to be gone in no time,” I thought to myself, realizing that plans were in the making for air flights at holiday time. Nothing like flipping those calendar pages to make you realize how quickly time flies. I smiled […]

Teaching children to work

A few questions about kids and chore charts prompted us to begin a little series on the subject. Rather than just jump into how to arrange certain jobs and match them with the right little person, we thought we’d start here: The Why […]

Scheduling links!

Routines and schedules need to be tailored to our season in life, our needs, and our personalities. But guess what? Chances are, there are ideas out there on the internet that will fit you almost to a T!

I’ve collected here a few samples […]

Summer Cooking

I don’t know about you, but there are few things I dislike more than have my oven and gas burners on in the summer between the hours of 3-7pm, the hottest time of the day. Even when I force myself to the task, I must admit that it’s rather disheartening to toil over a hot stove, sweat beading on my forehead, only to have the family push the food around their plates with their forks because they’re just too hot to eat.

So when this question came in last week, I could definitely relate! […]

Daily Routines

This week we received a follow-up question to some shared thoughts on routine housekeeping: Regarding a daily schedule, what should happen at “this” time or how should our time be broken down to be more effective? Join our discussion!