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Family News

Time does fly. It seems just yesterday I was sitting down to write a little bit about what’s new — and here I am again! To say that there’s nothing to talk about would be quite the understatement. These last few weeks and months have been filled with good and wonderful things. It’s been a […]

An Update

A new school year and with it the routines of a homeschooling house hold.

Another North Country Morning

We do get some cold temps here in Northern NY. This was what I found outside my kitchen window this morning.

Ready or not, here I come: Time For a New Year

Where have we been all month? Read on!


You haven’t heard much from one of the Sinclair ladies. Scratch that — I don’t think you’ve ever heard from her here. And unlike the rest of us, we let it slide without reprimand or reminder. We all say it’s okay and then keep up from the lack. Why? It’s because she’s our almost-kinda-famous-sister. And […]


We took a break — what fun it has been!

New York City

Where was Mom on Monday? Strolling the streets of New York with a husband, four kids, a son in law, and a granddaughter. But don’t worry, the next installment of “Not Slanderers” will be here soon!

Our testimony

In case any of you missed it, Aubrey turned 7 months old last Sunday. How thankful we are for her! Please remember her in your prayers.

Busy Girl

If you’ve wondered why you never hear from daughter #5 in the line-up (Julia) […]