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HIS hands

He’s got the whole world in His hands. the whole world. the world that doesn’t make sense. the one that doesn’t function the way we think it should. a world that’s perverse and fallen and broken. my world — the one that’s not been spinning correctly. your world and whatever you have that feels off, […]

Easter Bunny Craft

I am far from a crafty sort of person. Put a pencil, paper, fabric, needles, glitter, popsicle sticks — anything — and I won’t know what to do with it. I’ve tried sewing and can’t do it. I’ve tried knitting and can’t do it. I’ve tried drawing and can’t do it. I’ve tried painting and […]


You haven’t heard much from one of the Sinclair ladies. Scratch that — I don’t think you’ve ever heard from her here. And unlike the rest of us, we let it slide without reprimand or reminder. We all say it’s okay and then keep up from the lack. Why? It’s because she’s our almost-kinda-famous-sister. And […]

Sinclair Traditions: Apple Crisp Recipe

And here we have it, folks! A recipe that’s a must around the Sinclair house. We’ve all grown up with it, we all now make it, and we all still love it. Not sure it’s all that great? I dare you to make it yourself and see what you think. Your taste buds will fall in love with this goodness.

Sinclair traditions: birthday appreciation

I was very excited when I received an email that goes to all the Sinclair ladies telling that we would be starting a series on traditions. I love traditions. I’m probably the most guilty for telling Mumsie after doing something once, “But we always do that!” Traditions make things special — gives you some specifics […]

Teaching Children to Work, Pt. 3

We continue to look at training children to work, this time from Louissa’s perspective!

Book Review

“I, well, you know… I kinda like… novels.” I said to a friend the other day. And it’s true. But I don’t just like novels – I like biographies, I like history books, I like historical fiction, I like Christian books, and I’ve read a lot. I like to read. I always have and I […]

Merrick William

Our little man is focused as he keeps his eye on the ball.

More Thoughts On Holiness

I’ve been thinking about what holiness looks like, trying to figure out what things in my life need to change to become that. And what does it look like? It looks like Christ. And we need an encounter with Him. […]

a big girl has fun.

In pictures: Louissa has fun.