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Family News

Time does fly. It seems just yesterday I was sitting down to write a little bit about what’s new — and here I am again! To say that there’s nothing to talk about would be quite the understatement. These last few weeks and months have been filled with good and wonderful things. It’s been a […]

An Update

A new school year and with it the routines of a homeschooling house hold.

Teenage/Parent Relationships, Part 2

I’m Liana, number 7 in the Sinclair lineup, and I completing part 2 in this series of questions. These are my thoughts about building and safeguarding relationships between parents and children. Hopefully they are helpful!

Our Favorite Christmas Cookies

Rum Logs 1 c. butter 2 t. vanilla 2 t. rum flavoring 3/4 c. sugar 1 egg unbeaten 3 cups flour 1 t. nutmeg Cream first three ingredients together. Add sugar. Blend in eggs. Add flour and nutmeg gradually. Roll into logs as thick as pointer finger and cut into two-three inch long logs. Place […]

7 Things for the Winter

I like lists. I like the feeling of accomplishing all that I set out to do or get. I find that when I am in the need of new things for my wardrobe, it’s best if I go through and make a list of all that I need. Then, I decide which items should be […]

A Breakfast or Dessert Recipe

Apple Coffee Cake 2 cups unsifted flour 1 1/2 cups sugar 2 tsp. cinnamon 2 tsp. baking soda 1 tsp. salt 1/2 cup oil 2 eggs, beaten 1/4 cup brewed coffee 1 1/2 tsp. vanilla 2 1/2 cups sliced and peeled apples 1 cup chopped nuts (optional) Mix dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl. […]

Fall Fashion: Layering

Sometimes, at least up here in the North Country, one long sleeved t-shirt and two sweaters doesn’t keep you warm enough. I’ve learned a lot about how convenient and easy layering can be. If layering seems like it would make life warmer and easier for you, I’ll give you some tips on how to do […]

Watching the Independence Day Parade

Picture of family at the annual local Independence Day parade– a much-loved family tradition!

Teaching children to work, Pt 6

The five finger chores are very simple: hands and face (wash), teeth and hair (brush), dress down to your feet (shoes as well!), make your bed, and pick up (bedroom). Each morning we had to do these chores before coming down for breakfast or school depending on what the routine was that semester. Mom traced […]

Swim Suits

It is amazingly hard to find an appropriate and well-fitted swim suit these days. It’s hard to find a one-piece or a tankini let alone one that flatters your body. I find that finding a bathing suit is easier to do online. You can visit many stores quickly, narrow down the search to a certain […]