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Another North Country Morning

We do get some cold temps here in Northern NY. This was what I found outside my kitchen window this morning.

Good Things — Part 2

Considering the power of goodness — real goodness.

Babies and Schedules

This woman took the words right out of my mouth. Check out her link to American Academy of Pediatrics as well.

Good Things — Part 1

Let’s get back to the Word and our study of Titus 2.3-5!

Ready or not, here I come: Time For a New Year

Where have we been all month? Read on!


A morning’s meditation.

Keepers At Home — Pt. 3

Some final thoughts on making home a home!

Keepers At Home — Pt. 2

“Keeping home” takes on new meaning as we continue to explore this vital concept.

Keepers At Home – Pt. 1

After an unplanned absence, it is time to resume our Titus 2 study (this mom was too busy being a mom — no time to post! Sorry!)

Remembering Resurrection Sunday!

A look at how to make Easter special!