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A Great Woman from Shunem — Part 3

Today we see this Great Woman’s example of pure devotion and her undivided heart. In spite of personal need, she simply wants His presence. He is enough.

A Great Woman From Shunem — Pt. 2

Last week we began looking at a great woman from Shunem. We read of her determination, persuasiveness, and perception. She perceived a man of God, persuaded the man of God, and determined a plan for getting him in her home. Now she just had to remain prepared and watchful while she waited!

A Great Woman From Shunem — Pt. 1

We’ve been missing in action. Sorry about that. We could at least have given notification of our absence, made a promise of a return. But we didn’t. It sneaked up on us, this need for a sabbatical. But we are back. And now it is time to return to a study of Women of the Bible. Let’s get started!

Naaman’s Maidservant — Pt. 4, Conclusion

The conclusion of our look at this young girl’s impact on her world is simple and profound!

Naaman’s Maidservant — Pt. 3

Seeds of faith can travel far. Let’s watch this maidservant’s words hit the mark!

Naaman’s Maidservant — Pt. 2

What made this young girl so special? Why is her story recorded for us to read? Join me as we discuss these very things!

Baking With Mama!

Last week we made soup. Now let’s bake some goodies!

Making soup with Mama!

Soup is a staple around my house. Cheap and nutritious and easy! These are some favorites of ours. Hope you try them all!

Women of the Bible — Naaman’s Maidservant

Do you remember Naaman’s story? Do you remember his little maidservant? In spite of her youth and simplicity, there are great lessons taught through her story.

“Obedient to their own husbands”/Rebekah Pt. 4

Some final thoughts on Rebekah’s life. These are worth considering so be sure to check this out.