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Sarah: A Woman Who Chose Trust

Let’s take a look at the opportunities for trust in Sarah’s life […]

Sarah: A Holy Woman

“Peter refers to Sarah (and others like her) as holy. What qualified them to be defined in such a way? Surprisingly, nothing very “supernatural”. No bizarre signs and wonders, no glowing halos hovering above their heads.” [more…]

Preparing for Easter

Easter is around the corner! The special Easter decorations are out, special storybooks are being read, and lunch is usually served on special pastel plates. (And as I share these things with Jameson and William, my heart cries out for their eyes to be opened from a young age, for their hearts to be captured […]

Black Bean Soup

Everyone loves black bean soup, right? Well, if you’re not sure, give this one a try! Creamy, flavorful, and fun! I like to serve a basket of Tortilla Crisps, too. […]

About Quilting

Awhile back, a reader asked if I would write just a bit about how to get started with quilting. Here’s my two cents, along with some favorite links. Happy sewing!


I’ve tried my hand at homemade pizza more frequently since our move to California. Back home, if we really wanted pizza, we’d get it from our favorite spot (Sergis, of course!) But since we haven’t fallen in love with anything here yet, I figured it was a good opportunity to find a workable pizza recipe […]

a breakfast that sticks to your ribs: granola

My every-morning breakfast recipe!

Autumn sides: Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Apple Sauce

Once again, I am lacking pictures for my post. To make up for that, I offer you not one, but two favorite side dishes! Apple Sauce –yields 4 cups This apple sauce tends to appear at more than just traditional holiday meals, for sure, but serving it at a meal lit with candles and set […]

Kicking it off: Traditions!!

Taking the time and effort to establish some significant traditions is a golden opportunity for you to impart to your family […]

Oatmeal Pecan Pancakes

I saw this recipe recently and had to try it. (Pregnancy and food obsessions, I tell ya!) Happily, it’s a keeper. These are hefty, for sure, and take a few minutes to cook, but the texture is just great. The pecans are a MUST. They are toasty and delicately crunchy after a few minutes on […]