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FHS – February Hair Syndrome

During the month of February and March I have a constant flow of traffic through my salon of clients who are dealing with “February hair” syndrome. Dry scalp, dry hair, dull hair color, and static all the time. What are some answers for these problems? Dry scalp: Redken Dandruff Control shampoo and conditioner. Remember: shampoo […]

treat your hair right

In response to the many questions regarding shampoo and conditioners, here is some advice and warnings. #1. Shampoos and Conditioners bought at a local store – drug store, grocery store, etc – are often very harsh on your hair. The first problem is that they don’t rebalance the pH level of your hair leaving the […]

small suggestion; big difference.

First of all, let me give you some background on me. I am a hairstylist. Something I figured out right after hairstyling is that I had managed to turn my hobby into my profession. It is a blessing and a curse all at the same time. But, I suppose I can’t complain: I love my […]

Trusting the Lord

Behind every feministic view lies a deception that has settled into the core of a person and manifested itself as something our worldview thinks attractive and even worse, correct. Often it is insecurity, self-protection, rebellion, or anger. Whatever the first whispers of lies or un-dealt with sin, the result has been years […]