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A goal to read

This year, one of my main goals is to read more than I have in the past year or two. Throughout my teenage years, I was quite the avid reader. I loved to read (and re-read) all sorts of books and was constantly doing so. However, between caring for four little ones under six years […]

Sinclair traditions: valentine’s day

We begin sharing our own holiday traditions and memories with you, hopefully encouraging you to continue on in the traditions you have established and perhaps even giving you inspiration for ways you can bless and love your family through traditions. Today we begin with Valentine’s Day!

He’s here!

We interrupt our regular programming to announce the arrival of Danica’s newest blessing: a precious little boy, born at home after a brief 6 hour labor! For the updates that will surely follow, be checking here.

Traditions: the gift of atmosphere

One of the simplest and most profound ways to establish tradition is through atmosphere. When I recall special moments throughout my childhood, the atmosphere– sights, sounds, and smells– stands out at least as much as the actual activities. Mom is amazing at creating pleasant and special atmospheres. She has taught us girls so much about […]

Sinclair traditions: a recipe

Apple pie is amazing, it’s true. But when there’s a special occasion, you need something with just a little extra. And that’s where Apple Custard Pie comes in. Here’s the thing: a good pie starts with a good crust. Perhaps you have a crust recipe you absolutely love and are very happy to continue using. […]

A basic crockpot dish

This recipe is one that I absolutely love for those busy days when the cupboards are in need of replenishing. It can be altered easily to use whatever ingredients you have on hand. Here’s the general idea: Soak 1lb of rinsed dried beans (I like pinto a lot) and 6c of water overnight in crockpot.  […]

Cafe latte cheesecake

This cheesecake is good.

Really good.

I’ve made it a handful of times for birthdays and special occasions and it has met with rave reviews here among us Sinclairs.

If you like coffee and chocolate, you will love this. […]

Teaching children to work, Pt 7

Over the last few months, I’ve developed a chore chart system for Gabriel (5 years) and Bronwyn (4 years), borrowing from several great ideas I’ve seen others come up with. (In other words, I can’t claim any creative genius for what you’re about to see!) Developing a system was important to me for a number […]

Teaching children to work, Pt 4

As a mom of young children, I’m still very much in the stage of teaching my children how to do housework versus being able to lean on them to carry a fair share. For example, Bronwyn still needs me next to her as she puts the silverware away to make sure she’s getting everything where […]

At the beach