Why we are here.

Mom and Us is dedicated to the purpose of exploring and discovering God’s Biblical plan for women, married and single, in this day and age.

In attempting to declare the goodness of God as revealed through the life of Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible, Mom and Us is necessarily opposed to any worldview which contradicts scriptural truths including the evolutionist paradigm and its false teachings which degrade God’s omnipotence as seen in the original Creation and the ongoing creation of human life, as well as feminism as described in the classical definition, in particular the aspect of feminism which is contrary to the Word of God regarding the role of woman in family, marriage, and society.

Mom and Us intends to display women who are seeking and therefore learning from day to day how to function more fully in the plan and purpose of their Creator God.

Mom and Us will, on a weekly basis, entertain questions from readers. Together we will study and discuss relevant Scriptures, sharing practical insights for acting upon Biblical principles within the context of both marriage and single living.

Mom and Us will host ongoing book studies by various authors presenting topics relevant to our quest of knowledge regarding Biblical womanhood.

Mom and Us will host weekly Bible studies for the same purpose.

Links to the individual blogs of the contributing writers will be provided for those interested in viewing our more personal writings and thoughts.

The following will be included on the site: recipes, ideas on celebrating and establishing God honoring traditions, photos, etc.