Family News

Family News

Time does fly. It seems just yesterday I was sitting down to write a little bit about what’s new — and here I am again! To say that there’s nothing to talk about would be quite the understatement. These last few weeks and months have been filled with good and wonderful things. It’s been a season I’ve enjoyed and I’m looking forward to more of.

There are quite a few exciting things that are happening in our family and I am going to tell you about them! First, my sister Danica and her family are moving back to Madrid! I cannot express to you through words how excited we are about this. Every year when they visit for Christmas, they look at a few houses just to keep their eyes open and aware of all that’s available in the St. Lawrence area. This last holiday (2009), they happened upon a house that is everything they are looking for and is right down the road from us (Mom and Dad S.)! Danica and her two boys are already back in Madrid and the movers will be here in a week or so with their belongings and Ryan will be here in mid March. Things are moving quickly in the buying process and it won’t be long before they are all settled in at their new home.

Second, Julia is going on tour! Unfortunately, it’s not a solo tour but it’s still very incredible. She will be playing the guitar, cello and singing for a solo artist. They will be meeting up with Ingrid Michaelson and Mat Kearney somewhere along the way and finishing the tour with them. God is starting to put the pieces in the puzzle of her career together.

Third, my brother Jamie and brother-in-law Rick both have jobs. Jamie is interning at church and helping take some of the load off of Dad and the other pastors. Rick is working in Canton at a computer software company. As a family we’d been praying for this for quite some time and God was faithful to provide.

Four, Brietta’s first born, Gabriel, turned seven today. While this may not be as exciting as someone moving back and someone moving forward in their career, it’s quite unbelievable. Seven years of being aunts, uncles and grandparents. Seven years of a new season in life that will last us a long time. It’s wonderful to see the next generation in our family being raised to love the Lord with all their hearts. What an indescribable testament to what God has done in and through our parents.


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