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An Update

A new school year and with it the routines of a homeschooling house hold. I have started working weekly at the salon for my sister, I am now a part of an orchestra and more responsibilities outside of the house have fallen upon me. It has been a very good two months of the 2009 school year.

With it, though, have come hardships within extended family and the church family. As always life is not easy but this season has been particularly hard. Nonetheless, the Lord is in charge and everything is in His hands.

Wonderful things have also happened in my family. My sister, Brietta, will be having her 5th child any day now and the excitement of that is wonderful. Carina is in the process of adoption. Although the adoption is not finalized, I know God is using this part of her life to do wonderful things in her life, her husbands and the baby. God is working in our family so much. It’s been a blessing to witness and to continue witnessing the younger Sinclair clan growing up in the church and to grow into who God has made them to be.

We continue to have extras around the 1942 house. As the holiday season approaches, I have thought about how some of these extras will be here for two Thanksgivings or Christmases. I know our family is large but to be able to have more people involved in what God has started in our family is so amazing. I often think about how many people my parents and my siblings have been able to affect just through having them over to our house for a dinner or a movie. Our house isn’t just a home but a ministry as well. To someone as young as I, it’s a marvelous opportunity to be involved in the local church without burdening my parents traveling load.

Soon, I hope, posting and updating will become regular and I apologize for the absence of posting. Life has been a little more crazy than usual. =)


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  1. I – loved – this!

    Posted by darlene | October 26, 2009, 5:53 pm