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A sinner in the city: Authenticity

I crave authentic experiences with this glorious Jesus. My soul longs for Him, thirsts for Him, is absolutely desperate for Him. But an authentic meeting of my soul with His Spirit requires, well, authenticity […]

In pictures: What Mom’s been up to

Here’s our beautiful and amazing mother, being showered with love by a whole bunch of homeschooled high school kids. Why? Because she’s spent the last couple of months putting together a magical performance of Seussical!

Broiled Tilapia Parmesan

Last week when I pulled a 1.5lb bag of frozen tilapia fillets out of the freezer, I set about searching for a new way to cook it just for fun. The recipe I found got two thumbs up from all the children and Daniel absolutely raved about it. It quickly got added to my recipe […]

Sarah: A woman who enjoyed a life of peace

I love the last part of 1 Peter 3:6 — the potential of a life that’s not frightened by any fear! How awesome is that! […]