Preparing for Easter

Easter is around the corner!

The special Easter decorations are out, special storybooks are being read, and lunch is usually served on special pastel plates. (And as I share these things with Jameson and William, my heart cries out for their eyes to be opened from a young age, for their hearts to be captured early on!)

Today, I set my sites on Sunday. Making a list, checking it twice. (Oops, wrong holiday!)

Of course, the family Easter recipes are on the agenda. Perhaps you’d like to add them to yours?

And here’s a post from the archives: Easter, growing up at the Sinclairs’.

(New to traditions and making things special? Check out the “traditions” category and enjoy our thoughts on how you can celebrate with your family.)


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  1. My cheese braids are baked and in the freezer ready for Sunday! They are too good not to make year after year:)

    Posted by Michelle Ross | April 7, 2009, 3:55 am