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Naaman’s Maidservant — Pt. 3

Seeds of faith can travel far. Let’s watch this maidservant’s words hit the mark!

Naaman’s Maidservant — Pt. 2

What made this young girl so special? Why is her story recorded for us to read? Join me as we discuss these very things!

FHS – February Hair Syndrome

During the month of February and March I have a constant flow of traffic through my salon of clients who are dealing with “February hair” syndrome. Dry scalp, dry hair, dull hair color, and static all the time. What are some answers for these problems? Dry scalp: Redken Dandruff Control shampoo and conditioner. Remember: shampoo […]

Baking With Mama!

Last week we made soup. Now let’s bake some goodies!

Making soup with Mama!

Soup is a staple around my house. Cheap and nutritious and easy! These are some favorites of ours. Hope you try them all!

Women of the Bible — Naaman’s Maidservant

Do you remember Naaman’s story? Do you remember his little maidservant? In spite of her youth and simplicity, there are great lessons taught through her story.

Teenage/Parent Relationships, Part 2

I’m Liana, number 7 in the Sinclair lineup, and I completing part 2 in this series of questions. These are my thoughts about building and safeguarding relationships between parents and children. Hopefully they are helpful!