Photo of the Week

A memorial


Today we pause.

We pray, we sorrow, we believe for better, we weep.

Help us be a voice for the innocent lives being slaughtered on the altar of convenience, Lord. Bring repentance, awakening, conviction, and healing to the hearts of men and women all across our nation. We need Your touch, Jesus; we need Your mercy and grace.


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  1. A Shadowed Hope

    It can be heard on the wind – in the words that are written,
    in the faces of the gathered who watch him ascend.

    “Change”, it says.

    I see the hope. I even sense it some, and want to
    grasp this moment in history – to be able to say
    “Yes. I saw it. I watched. And I prayed.”

    To spend tomorrow with my African American sons,
    watching what is just outside their ability to understand,
    but is no longer outside their ability to achieve,
    that is remarkable joy to me. A future for my sons that wasn’t there

    But when After comes,
    this hope has a shadow for me – a shocking
    incongruous paradox of “Yes we can”
    chanted while marching in a field of white crosses
    as far as the eye can see –

    cross by cross, marker by marker, one for each voice
    that never had the chance to say this “yes”,
    that never had the chance to dream this dream,
    that might well have marked the voice of those same two sons,
    once considered disposable by many.

    My hope in this man of so many people’s dreams
    bears a very long shadow.

    For I cling to an Unseen Hope who knows the end from the beginning,
    and hears and holds each discarded voice,
    and loves with an everlasting love.

    This is the God I believe,
    and I can’t keep silent His name.

    Stephanie Seefeldt,
    inauguration eve 2009

    Posted by Stephanie Seefeldt | January 22, 2009, 6:47 am
  2. Wow…what an awesome “poem” Stephanie. Powerful, poetic prose with a message that is profoundly my hearts’ cry at this time as well.
    Last night as I was praying, I was really struggling to put into words my heart for this nation.. the direction in which we will go…but all the time knowing that it is God that commands our path.
    Thanks for sharing this !

    Posted by Debbie Page | January 22, 2009, 7:36 am
  3. thank you debbie. I have wrestled so hard between joy and grief with this inauguration. the paradox has been a challenge!

    Posted by Stephanie Seefeldt | January 22, 2009, 7:46 am
  4. My heart is so heavy, as a mom of 8 who, before I knew Jesus, in my depraved condition, engaged in this heinous crime against human life. My husband and I pray for the health and spiritual condition of the Supreme Court justices that are for life, as we now understand how wrong it was that there was no legislation to protect the child I sent to the arms of the Lord (in order to guard my status as what many believe was a charmed life as a popular, All-American high school student.) For the past 15 years of marriage, we have been given a gift of faith to trust God to plan our family, in spite of pressure even from the churches that employed my husband. Today, as I am 2 weeks removed from having my left ovary removed due to a pre-cancerous, large, debilitating cyst, I look upon our precious children in extra amazement at the privilege of being their mother, and am grieved for the future of a nation in such turmoil over what appears so clear to us in our repentance.

    Posted by Chace Simmons | January 23, 2009, 8:47 pm
  5. is that Brietta or Danica’s baby in the photo?

    Posted by Chace Simmons | January 23, 2009, 8:48 pm
  6. Chace: That’s Brietta’s third child (second son), Jackson.

    Posted by Danica | January 23, 2009, 10:20 pm
  7. so gut wrenching. It seems so impossible to believe that this is the depravity we have sunk to, and yet it shows all the more that without Him and His truth, we ARE depraved.

    I’ve linked to you at my place today, to pass on an award because I LOVE your blog.

    Posted by Prairie Chick | January 26, 2009, 11:43 am
  8. Do you all have an active pro life group up there? How do you participate in an outreach like this?

    Posted by Cassandra M. | January 27, 2009, 9:14 am
  9. Cassandra: our local church (particularly the campus ministry) does a number of pro-life activities throughout the year. This picture was taken last October when we partnered with Life Chain, a national movement that invites churches in each city and town across North America to, on the first Sunday in October, stand on a designated local sidewalk and pray for one hour, while holding signs (like the one in the picture). For an internet listing of the 2009 Life Chains and more contact information, you can go here.

    Posted by Brietta | January 27, 2009, 7:01 pm