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Ready or not, here I come: Time For a New Year

Let’s face it. The holidays can typically be quite dizzying and full. I think most everyone would concur. The whirlwind is a pretty common experience: the baking and wrapping, singing and story-telling, shopping and visiting, playing and eating — the list goes on and on. Celebrations galore! After all, the King of all Kings had a birthday!!

This December the house was full, maybe fuller than usual. The Dunpheys, the Paladins, Ricky and Jared, Jess and Johnny, Carson and Josh, Song and Tanda and Kara, Mom and Daddy, JMB members, and, of course, the Sinclairs! I don’t have a head count. If you can figure it out let me know! But with that many here, the eating, playing, baking, gifting, and everything else was multiplied! Including the fun. We had fun by the bushelful!!

But wait. Let’s not forget one other thing. Two days after Christmas we hosted the gala event of the season: Carina and Ricky’s wedding. A stone chapel in Gothic style provided the backdrop for the service. A lilting and dance-like Celtic Gloria sung by a treble choir declared the celebration’s commencement. The accompanying tuneful melody of recorder and reverberation of rythmic percussion soon gave way to the haunting tones of tin whistle and Gaelic syllables — my daughters’ singing of “May It Be” as I was escorted down the aisle by a handsome son donned in black was moving. Once seated, the melancholy tune gave way to an accapella mens choir singing Bach. As they processed in from the back, moving in single file, their voices rang out as one sound, echoing and returning with manifold presence from the stone surrounding. The vast sound of pipe organ now filled the chasm to overflowing as ladies in black velvet floated by. Candles, the main source of light and ambiance, glowed everywhere. Soon she arrived, train filling the aisle, Dad smiling with tears, groom beaming at the sight. As they declared their vows to God and one another, their union was made complete and lasting. A pronouncement made, the sound of immense clanging churchbells joyfully and immediately greeted the smiling couple who now made their way down the aisle, ready to make a new family and home. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

That is a peek at the month of December here in Madrid, NY at 1942 State Hwy. 345. That is why entries have not been written, posts and thoughts neglected. And you, dear reader, were busy with celebrations of your own making. But we now greet a New Year and those of us here at Mom and Us are full of ideas to share with you once again. So stay tuned — we’re back!!


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  1. Welcome Back and Congratulations to Carina and Ricky!!!!

    Posted by Gina Murawski | January 5, 2009, 3:33 pm