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You haven’t heard much from one of the Sinclair ladies. Scratch that — I don’t think you’ve ever heard from her here. And unlike the rest of us, we let it slide without reprimand or reminder. We all say it’s okay and then keep up from the lack.


It’s because she’s our almost-kinda-famous-sister. And when one has an almost-kinda-famous-sister, you let them get away with things that the other almost-normal-ordinary-sisters can’t get away with because you’re so proud of the fact that you have an almost-kinda-famous-sister, what she’s doing, and if ignoring this momandus site means that she’ll really make it in the famous world, then we’ll gladly let her off the hook. Besides — being an almost-famous-person keeps you busy all day with writing music, shutting yourself up in a studio hours at a time recording, spending time on the phone with different venues for booking, and talking with all the people who want to make you go from an almost-kinda-famous-person to a real-famous-everyone-knows-you-person. We’ll gladly let you do that.

So this almost-kinda-famous-sister has a band. That’s what she does. She tours, she writes music, and she records. And just recently, she’s entered a contest to be able to play a 4-day cruise with John Mayer. That would give her mad publicity and she’d definitely go from almost-kinda-famous to you-bet-your-bottom-dollar-famous.

But she needs your help to do this. And you’re probably thinking, “What can I do for a young songwriter/performer?”

You can vote. You can set up an account, and vote every single day. She needs all the votes she can get to win. Do it.


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  1. that “almost-kinda-famous” sister is tops in my book, for sure.

    I love her to pieces.

    Posted by nancy | November 27, 2008, 1:06 pm
  2. That almost-kinda-famous-sister rocks my socks! She’s awesome! No, she’s more than awesome- she’s supercooliomadskills AND awesome!

    Posted by Mary | December 1, 2008, 8:41 pm