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7 Things for the Winter

I like lists. I like the feeling of accomplishing all that I set out to do or get. I find that when I am in the need of new things for my wardrobe, it’s best if I go through and make a list of all that I need. Then, I decide which items should be my priority.

I have made a list of my favorite things for winter.

As I mentioned in some of my earlier posts about clothing, it’s good to pick a color palette before going shopping. This also includes a neutral color that you naturally are inclined to wearing (aka, black or brown). I find myself buying black things sooner and more readily than brown so this list includes certain things in black that maybe you should buy in brown. Take the list and modify it the way you would like–it most definitely isn’t copyrighted! (It could also make a good Christmas list.)

Also, this list is not in a certain order because I thought it should be a certain way. I think all of these pieces are important in my wardrobe and that doesn’t necessarily apply to yours.

1. Cardigans warm me up all winter long when it gets cold in this drafty old house. I’ve learned to cope with these conditions by wearing things like cardigans. My favorite colors include black, hot pink (because, yes, I am 15 and a girl), a light green, and a coral colored sweater. Oldnavy sells a variety of styles and colors that are reasonably priced. My personal favorite is this sparkly sweater (perfect for church and other special outings):

2. A classic black (or brown) skirt is so useful and always in style. Some prefer the Little Black Dress (also referred to as LBD) but I like my skirt, thank you very much. Pair with almost any top in your wardrobe, match with a sweater or jacket, a classic pair of heels, finish off with a few accessories and voila! You’ve got a polished outfit ready for anything. Gap, Banana Republic, or H&M (who do not have a store online) have some great black skirts. An a-line style skirt flatters every body type. This, by far, is my favorite black skirt although not exactly a classic. =)


3. Blouses and button-down dress shirts are versatile pieces for everyday and special events. When looking for a blouse, look for a special shape or detailing. Button-downs need to be fitted in the shoulders and the pleating in the shirt needs to fall in all the right places. These shirts can be difficult to find but well worth your time. Ruffles in both blouses and button-downs are very popular right now. Oldnavy has a few good blouses but from the look of it the styles of the button-downs won’t be flattering or good quality. I particularly like the Gap options. They are full of details and pattern–so fun! My favorite button-down and blouses are these:




4. Simple black (or brown) heels are very important in a shoe collection. They can work with everything–skirts, bermuda shorts, pants, dresses, etc. Anything. The shoes can be more expensive but with a shoe like this that will work for years, it is well worth the extra $$$. Look for a smaller heel–it’s more slimming to the leg than chunky heels. Piperlime has some great shoes.


5. Tights. Black, brown, grey, orange, green, pink, red, blue, purple. I like ’em all. Now, some of you may not be able to pull of such things as colored/patterned tights because of various reasons but I personally love them. Taking care of them is important. They are ridiculously fragile and easy to ruin. Having colored tights is extremely “in” right now so take advantage of it!

6. Jeans are always useful and practical. Dark wash make the legs look longer and slimmer without heels! Trouser jeans are particularly nice for church. When buying jeans, look for what’s called straight leg. Straight leg jeans are the most flattering to every body type. It may be titled as bootleg and other kinds of cuts but there is a trick to telling whether or not it is truly a straight leg. Take the hem of the pant and fold it up to the middle of the thigh. If the widths are the same throughout the entire pant, they are true straight leg jean. So far, Banana Republic and Express jeans are my personal favorites.

This is an example of what a straight leg jean looks like:


7. Fitted coats are really nice. Although not by any means necessary, I prefer wearing a nice dress coat with my pretty dresses to church rather than a huge puffer. Things to look for when buying this certain thing is color, style, and length. Color: stay away from bright colors or unusual colors if you want this coat to work for every look you have and pick a color that works very well with your skin tone. Style: look for a coat with a defined waist and fitted shoulders. Length: middle to upper thigh is the most practical and flattering.



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