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You haven’t heard much from one of the Sinclair ladies. Scratch that — I don’t think you’ve ever heard from her here. And unlike the rest of us, we let it slide without reprimand or reminder. We all say it’s okay and then keep up from the lack. Why? It’s because she’s our almost-kinda-famous-sister. And […]

Keepers At Home — Pt. 2

“Keeping home” takes on new meaning as we continue to explore this vital concept.

Music and Movie Review

Movie: Baby’s Day Out Baby’s Day Out is a hilarious movie that I know your whole family will enjoy. It’s a movie that will make you laugh pretty much through the whole thing, and it definitely makes my family laugh a lot! Baby’s Day Out is a movie that you just can’t forget. It is […]

Keepers At Home – Pt. 1

After an unplanned absence, it is time to resume our Titus 2 study (this mom was too busy being a mom — no time to post! Sorry!)

7 Things for the Winter

I like lists. I like the feeling of accomplishing all that I set out to do or get. I find that when I am in the need of new things for my wardrobe, it’s best if I go through and make a list of all that I need. Then, I decide which items should be […]

Remembering Resurrection Sunday!

A look at how to make Easter special!

Sinclair Traditions: Apple Crisp Recipe

And here we have it, folks! A recipe that’s a must around the Sinclair house. We’ve all grown up with it, we all now make it, and we all still love it. Not sure it’s all that great? I dare you to make it yourself and see what you think. Your taste buds will fall in love with this goodness.