Loving Your Children — Pt. 5

Ours is a culture gone astray. I meet young people everyday who do not acknowledge God. Therefore they do not know that He created them with a purpose, with great love, and that He died for them because of that very purpose and love. How ripped off is that? And so we can see that there is continual need to sound the truth loud and clear.

Therefore let me remind you once again, especially since we ourselves have been effected so negatively by this ill culture:
you have been hand-created by Him, the maker of the universe. He specifically designed you. He knows you intimately — every detail, nothing has escaped Him. He loves You infinitely, so much so that He denied Himself, came to earth, suffered and died. And that same love by which He has so perfectly loved You, made You, and sanctified You has been abundantly bestowed upon each and every one of your children.

He is theirs and they are His. Wonderful, exquisite, perfect love. Hope-giving words. This is Truth and Love revealed.

We must love Him. We must love ourselves. We must love them.

If you know His love and have thoroughly embraced how much He loves you; if you know the delight of resting in His arms, feeling His love for you permeate your being; if you regularly clamber upon His lap to find comfort and safety then you will know His love for them. We love Him because He first loved us. If we have not accepted that love, we are hindered in our ability to give that love.

Read His word and choose to trust it. Cry out to Him for help in your unbelief. Remember the man that did that? He said, “Jesus you know that I believe. Help thou my unbelief!” We need Him for everything, even faith to believe. And the scripture says we have not because we ask not! Knowing His love is critical — so start asking if you need help to believe this essential, hope-filled truth. Your success depends upon it, your children depend upon it, your husband and friends depend upon it. Without receiving His love, we have none to give. So go to Him right now and receive it!

Children are an absolute blessing from Him. The sooner we recognize that fact and truly believe it, the sooner we will be able to impart such wonderful knowledge to them! How different they will be from the world’s children who have lost all sight of their Maker. And how freely and powerfully they will share the Good News with their generation!


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  1. thank you for this series, which has been so incredibly rich.
    I heard a story on the news this morning about abandoned children ( /,2933,428022,00.html )
    and I thought of your recent writings.

    We live in a broken world…but have been entrusted with a message of wholeness and healing. Lord, help us to be faithful in letting it shine!

    Posted by nancy | September 29, 2008, 4:41 am
  2. The Lord led me to utilize this “Loving Your Children’ series in my quiet time with him early this AM. I am inspired, convicted, revived, refreshed. How true that our culture has gone astray in the area of loving and honoring life and especially children. When I truly love, honor, and delight in my young ones, the climate in our home is like a Northeast Indian summer day; aglow, displaying a variety of happy colors, warm, unified.
    I am so grateful for this series and website! Love and miss you!
    PS . . . notice that I did not say Westcoast? God is faithful,amen?

    Posted by Renee De Voe | October 16, 2008, 4:49 am