Loving Your Children — Pt. 2

    By faith Moses, when he was born, was hidden three months by his parents, because they saw he was a beautiful child; and they were not afraid of the king’s command. Hebrews 11.23

We saw last time that Jochobed had eyes of faith that enabled her to see her child as God sees. She recognized his beauty — truly saw his beauty — because of faith (which, not seeing, believes, not seeing, hopes) and because she understood God’s hand in His creation. God makes good things, He endows His creation with purpose and destiny, and He stamps His own image on each and every person. What could be more precious, more beautiful? And Jochobed recognized all these things. She had learned wisdom in the midst of a foolish and unGodly generation, determining to flee from falsehood and deception.

My friends, how desperately we need to follow her example. All around us lies are whispered in our ears, conveyed in our entertainment, shouted from our platforms. Abortion would lead us to believe there is nothing special and unique about the creation of a child. Euthanasia tells us there is no value in a certain quality of life. Abandonment and abuse underscore a lack of understanding that each individual is hand-crafted by the Master craftsman, precious gifts from Him.

So what does one do once this realization comes? What did Jochobed do?

First we see from our text that she and her husband walked in faith toward God, obeying Him and not fearing the king. Their confidence in Him emboldened them. They were not afraid! When we grasp these truths about our children, we gain confidence — confidence to act boldly and confidence to impart to them. We become free to pursue God’s best for them, not considering our needs above theirs nor our ideas about them above His, but recognizing our call to steward His creation so that His plan for each one of them might be fulfilled.

Must we know God’s plan ahead of time? No. No prophetic word, no angelic visitation, no dream is mentioned. Jochobed simply knew that Moses was God’s creation. She knew that he was beautiful. We can know that about our children, too. We can know that about each child. And with that knowledge comes faith to act boldly.

When we cling to such wonderful truth, casually spoken words bearing negative implications from well-meaning but faithless specialists and doctors will not leave us undone. We know whom we have believed.

When we truly acknowledge such precious promise, we speak words of confidence to our children and they grow up with a knowledge of His great love and purpose in their lives. We know He has spoken words of a hope and a future over their lives.

When we believe deep within our hearts, when this awareness has penetrated our very souls, we will understand our need to nurture and protect this precious heritage of God. We know how special they are to Him — and we see our part in His plan for their lives.

Embrace such knowledge, immerse yourself in the Word: study Psalm 139, Joshua 1.5, Ephesians 2.10 for starts. Let these words fill you with confidence for your children’s futures. They are truly in His hands, formed by Him for good things, full of promise.


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