Teaching children to work, Pt 6

The five finger chores are very simple: hands and face (wash), teeth and hair (brush), dress down to your feet (shoes as well!), make your bed, and pick up (bedroom). Each morning we had to do these chores before coming down for breakfast or school depending on what the routine was that semester. Mom traced her hand onto a piece of paper and on each finger she drew and wrote what each chore was.

If we finished the chores each morning for a about three or four weeks, we could get something special. Mom had a jar in the pantry with a bunch of little cards that had special things written on them. Candy, a video, ice cream, a new Barbie Doll outfit, or something like that was written on each card. These were our rewards for being diligent and responsible with our chores.

I started doing these chores a few months before I started school. I think I was around 5. Mom would help me do the chores for a few weeks but after a little while I felt comfortable doing them by myself (with the exception of my hair. Mom would never let me do that by myself). I loved the feeling of being able to get ready in the morning myself. It gave me the feeling of independence without me forgetting that it took work.


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  1. We do these, too!
    I got the idea from Janel C. who probably got it from YOU!
    Ours are:
    1. Wash Hands and Face
    2. Brush Teeth
    3. Comb Hair
    4. Get Dressed
    5. Make Bed

    I don’t give a reward, though. Shhh…my kids have no idea!

    Posted by LisaC. | September 1, 2008, 8:56 am