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A basic crockpot dish

This recipe is one that I absolutely love for those busy days when the cupboards are in need of replenishing. It can be altered easily to use whatever ingredients you have on hand. Here’s the general idea: Soak 1lb of rinsed dried beans (I like pinto a lot) and 6c of water overnight in crockpot.  […]

Starting Soon!

I stood at the kitchen sink gazing out of the window. “Wow, the fall is going to be gone in no time,” I thought to myself, realizing that plans were in the making for air flights at holiday time. Nothing like flipping those calendar pages to make you realize how quickly time flies. I smiled […]

Loving Your Children — Pt. 5

Some final thoughts!

Aubrey’s Birthday Party

Loving Your Children — Pt. 4

Some practical thoughts on this subject, from Moses himself!

Oatmeal Pecan Pancakes

I saw this recipe recently and had to try it. (Pregnancy and food obsessions, I tell ya!) Happily, it’s a keeper. These are hefty, for sure, and take a few minutes to cook, but the texture is just great. The pecans are a MUST. They are toasty and delicately crunchy after a few minutes on […]

Some more thoughts on loving children

Mom’s been writing her thoughts on this over in the Titus 2 corner. And what great, impacting thoughts. And how totally contrary to what we learn from the culture around us. Love children? Value them? Speak well of them? Nurture them? Sacrifice for them? Do anything other than endure them? […]

Loving Your Children — Pt. 3

The end of Jochobed’s story. It’s a good one.

Cafe latte cheesecake

This cheesecake is good.

Really good.

I’ve made it a handful of times for birthdays and special occasions and it has met with rave reviews here among us Sinclairs.

If you like coffee and chocolate, you will love this. […]

Weighing In

Darlene shares some thoughts regarding the current political scene — Sarah Palin in particular. Check it out!