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Teaching Children to Work, Pt. 5

How do I motivate my children to work? What do they need to be learning? What and how much can they do? As our children get older, these questions need to be addressed!

Teaching children to work, Pt 4

As a mom of young children, I’m still very much in the stage of teaching my children how to do housework versus being able to lean on them to carry a fair share. For example, Bronwyn still needs me next to her as she puts the silverware away to make sure she’s getting everything where […]

Teaching Children to Work, Pt. 3

We continue to look at training children to work, this time from Louissa’s perspective!

Loving Your Husband, Pt. 3

If your love isn’t expressed in tangible ways, you are not practicing true love.

Teaching Children to Work, Pt. 2

How this “once young mom” learned the value of training children to not only do work, but enjoy work. Check it out!

Teaching children to work

A few questions about kids and chore charts prompted us to begin a little series on the subject. Rather than just jump into how to arrange certain jobs and match them with the right little person, we thought we’d start here: The Why […]

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At the beach

Love Your Husband – Pt. 2

Showing respect to our husbands is a vital aspect of loving them. What might it look like? What might it do for him?

Love Your Husband – Pt. 1

A Godly woman knows how to love her husband. And it begins with knowing God’s love first.