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Swim Suits

It is amazingly hard to find an appropriate and well-fitted swim suit these days. It’s hard to find a one-piece or a tankini let alone one that flatters your body. I find that finding a bathing suit is easier to do online. You can visit many stores quickly, narrow down the search to a certain style swim suit, and find the cheapest and your favorite easily.

One thing that is frustrating about swim suits is the price. I don’t go swimming much and I don’t go sunbathing in a swim suit. So why pay much for something that you won’t wear very often? Well, there will be those times when you do want to go swimming but you don’t have anything to go in with. I think it’s best to find a plain, flattering swim suit that will last for years. Purchasing a swim suit with color blocks, patterns, or belts may be boring in the long run. Stick to more plain bathing suits as well. Neutral Most stores will be having sales right now because it is in the middle of the summer.colors work for any skin tone, but if you want to find a colorful swim suit, make sure it will work with your skin as well as your body. You most likely will want something that you will like for the next two or more years.

This is a swim suit I think would be very flattering for an hour glass figure:
An hour glass figure generally means that your shoulders and hips are around the same width and your waist is smaller than both. I like the simplicity of this swim suit but I would like to see more color. Black always works but sometimes it’s fun to have an unusual color. A simple swim skirt would be very fun as well.

A swim suit that would be flattering for a more busty or full sized woman:
The neckline on this swim suit will draw attention to your face and the length of the swimsuit will hide any unwanted attention to your bottom region. If you fall into the category of this body-shape, you’ll want some length to your swimsuit.

This swim suit would be flattering for a pear shaped woman:
Pear shape means that that you have a fairly small upper half and bigger thighs. Again, drawing attention to your upper half will take attention away from unwanted areas. It’s important to decide what you want to draw attention away from on your body and find a bathing suit that will help you do so. The empire waist will flatter any shape body but will definitely help a pear shape.

Most stores will be having sales right now because it’s the middle of the summer. I found all of these bathing suits at Lands’ End online. They have some great sales on their overstocks so check them out! Also, adding a swim skirt will help with length and modesty issues. It’s a simple solution to some very big problems. =)

I hope this helps all of you figure out what kind of bathing suit to be looking for!


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  1. How did you know I’ve been having a “I need a swimsuit” dilemma?

    Posted by sam | July 14, 2008, 9:06 am
  2. I’ll take one of the second kind.
    the chocolate color is nice.

    you can figure out my size, I’m sure.
    thanks for ordering it. I’ll pay you later.

    oh, and please deliver it to my house by the weekend.

    Posted by nancy | July 14, 2008, 10:43 am
  3. Hello
    I can relate to your frustration in finding a modest
    We have four daughters and when our oldest daughter graduated from homeschool highschool the Lord opened the
    doors for her to design a modest swimwear pattern for ladies and children. We now are also making ready made suits and custom made suits along with selling the patterns.
    Her website is

    Posted by Francine | July 15, 2008, 10:02 am
  4. hehe…this post has my bestest friend written all over it :) i love it!!

    Posted by ana | July 15, 2008, 2:58 pm
  5. Hey Francine! I love your daughter’s suit pattern. My daughter is the 2yo featured on the Children’s pattern envelope! She’s 5yrs old now, and her 2yo sister now wears that particular bathing suit. (Cassie upgraded to a larger size from the same pattern).

    Posted by Angela | July 15, 2008, 7:34 pm
  6. Thanks, Liana! This is thoughtful and helpful as I think a lot of us just give up when it comes to searching for a swimsuit!

    I didn’t get to do it in time for this year but I was thinking of placing an order from They definitely carry plenty that’s not at all modest, BUT they have some really cute swim dresses, shorts, skirts, etc… that are made to hit the water in. (They’re supposed be able to withstand athletic activity too?) Now all I need is for you to order something and give me the official review! ;)

    Posted by Stacie | July 16, 2008, 5:44 am