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Not Given to Much Wine, Pt. 4

We’ve explored the concept of self-control: where does it come from, what are the benefits, what is it good for. I hope we all recognize its value. So now to figure out how to achieve self-control. Let’s take a look!

Daily Routines

This week we received a follow-up question to some shared thoughts on routine housekeeping: Regarding a daily schedule, what should happen at “this” time or how should our time be broken down to be more effective? Join our discussion!

Not Given to Much Wine, Pt. 3

Gauging self-control, using personal freedom for His purposes — these are part of His plan for mature women of God. Let’s take a look!

The Line-Up

We were all together– an increasingly rare occasion– for Julia’s graduation from highschool last week. We’re pictured in age order, from left to right.

Routine Housekeeping

This week I’m sharing a thought in response to a question we received recently about establishing routines and schedules around the home: “I am really struggling to set up a schedule for my young family of three… I feel like if I could just get together a schedule things would go so much smoother and my husband would come home to a happier environment in the evenings. I was wondering if you moms could give a few suggestions […]

Summer and the soul

I’m sure I speak for most of us when I say that I love, love, love summer. . . But I’ve learned one thing over the years as I revel in the special season of summer, and that is this: one thing from which I never need a break is spiritual discipline[…]

Not Given to Much Wine, Pt. 2

Why should Christians rejoice in the call to be self-controlled? Let’s find out!

Dealing With Difficult Times

Difficulties come. They are unavoidable. How do we deal with them as parents?

Food for thought from Chuck Colson

Something to chew on; something to nourish your worldview!

June’s Topic: Not Given to Much Wine, Pt.1

Titus 2 continues! Check it out with us!