On Bible Studies

“I’m looking for a Bible study to do with my 14 yr. old daughter each day before she heads off to school. Any suggestions?”

What a wonderful goal!! I sure hope we get lots of great ideas from everyone to help with this one. Parents everywhere can glean from such info, and we all need encouragement to be regularly studying the Word with our older children. Often we get intimidated once the simple, familiar Bible stories are “outgrown” and our children become young adults. But now, more than ever, they need the Word. They are bombarded with questions and challenges. Daily they are confronted with issues of character, life choices, morality, and weighty matters. Getting into the habit of looking at the Word together is wonderful – downright vital!

I haven’t used any published study guides (the fill-in the blank type of workbook) with my kids. If anyone has, please send us the info! Here are a couple of ideas from my experience.

In our home, group devotions often center around a simple verse which we are memorizing together. In the process of memorizing we discuss the meaning of the verse, talk about general practical application, and then apply it directly to situations in our lives. (We also use it for vocab and spelling, if anyone would like to add those ideas as well.)

If you have struck upon a topic or issue that is particularly vital or interesting, extend your study of it. Branch out by studying additional related verses through cross-referencing with a cross-reference Bible or an online source such as If that doesn’t yield much, or if your appetite has been whetted for more indepth study, go to a concordance and look up key words. For instance, if you are studying the concept of “work and industry” start with Proverbs 6:6-11. After looking at that for a few days, you could go to the concordance and look up “sluggard”, a key word used in that passage. Or “lazy”, a synonym for “sluggard”.

Nave’s Topical Bible is also a great resource, listing scriptures in categorized fashion. You can look up “sluggard” and find several scriptures related to that topic. If you don’t own Nave’s you can find it free online at Simply click on “Concordances” listed under “Bible Study Tools”.

Reading a book together is another possible approach (I am referring to books centered around the scriptures in this case.) A book which is worth studying together with anyone at any time is Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life. I am doing that now with a group of friends. We meet weekly. The text provides a springboard for discussion of scriptures. For a daily routine, read a page or two together each morning, taking time to discuss the scriptures introduced. There is enough material there to take you through months of study together. It will help establish your daughter in a Biblical worldview.

I hope our readers can supply more ideas, more book titles, more sources, etc. We are all facing varied situations. Consequently, we need lots approaches from which to choose, so – bring on your suggestions!

I highly commend parents who are seeking to be diligent in study of the Word with their children. There is no greater legacy to pass on to them than a love and regard for the Word of God. I pray for grace to be your portion and great success to be your reward!


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  1. You can never go wrong with the “Proverb of the Day”!
    What a rich experience to read that chapter together each morning and absorb those treasures for your day ahead…

    Posted by LisaC. | March 19, 2008, 7:55 pm
  2. I can’t recommend one study in particular but the website – – has excellent discipleship resources. I’m sure there would be a book or study that would be appropriate for a mom and child.

    Posted by Jackie C | March 20, 2008, 2:03 pm
  3. I’ve been thinking about this since Wednesday, trying to remember being 14, and what impacted me most. And I think that more than anything, it was simply hearing foundational truths applied to real life that made the biggest impact. Like Lisa mentioned, Proverbs offers so many opportunities to understand godly wisdom, and it’s amazing to me now how much my parents were able to impart to me of biblical thinking, simply through reading a few proverbs and discussing them. Same with Purpose Driven Life — perhaps not earth-shattering concepts, but solid and necessary.

    Posted by Danica Dunphey | March 20, 2008, 9:58 pm
  4. I have been thinking of this all week and, while I think there are some great studies out there, I think I like the idea of doing a Proverb a day. Knowing what mornings are like, as everyone is trying to get ready and get out the door on time, I think it makes perfect sense. A bit of reading and discussion can easily fit into that morning time. All the studies I am thinking of would be far too time consuming for a before school thing. You have inspired me to work on starting up a breakfast devotional for mine.

    Posted by sam | March 24, 2008, 6:11 am
  5. This is not a Bible Study but could be a really nice thing to do with your youngest daughter and this book does contain a lot of Bible. The book is Beautiful Girlhood revised by Karen Andreola. Each chapter begins with a verse from the Bible. Some of the chapter titles are The Strength of Obedience – Watch Your Tongue – A Sunny Disposition – Ideals – Friendships – Home Life – A Christian – Waking of the Love-Nature – a Pure Heart. There are 33 chapters. I think it would be great to read it aloud together each morning. It may be the last time you read a book together and all the important Biblical topics would be raised.

    Posted by Paula Haller | May 27, 2009, 6:07 pm