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Trusting the Lord

Behind every feministic view lies a deception that has settled into the core of a person and manifested itself as something our worldview thinks attractive and even worse, correct. Often it is insecurity, self-protection, rebellion, or anger. Whatever the first whispers of lies or un-dealt with sin, the result has been years […]

Scripture and quote – month #1

Scripture for memorization – related to vision: […]

Easter Day

Cheese Braids

Here is the recipe for Cheese Braids! I hope all of you enjoy them as much as we do and the pictures below show bits and pieces of them in the making. […]

Chocolate Whipping Cream Torte

This year I tried my hand at the family’s traditional Easter dessert: chocolate whipping cream torte. It was hands-down the most involved dessert recipe I have ever taken on. It’s also amazingly delicious and absolutely perfect for such a special day! […]

Why Every Woman Needs a Titus 2 Vision

According to Proverbs 29:18 – “Where there is no vision the people cast off restraint.” – we are all in need of vision. So what should that vision look like? […]

Easter memories

Holidays are worth celebrating, and none more than Easter — at least, that’s the impression I grew up with, given the special attention my parents gave to celebrating this important Sunday.

And so I thought it might be fun to write a bit about the Easter traditions we had growing up. I know it’s now only a few days before the event, but if nothing else, this will be fodder for next year’s celebration! […]

On Bible Studies

“I’m looking for a Bible study to do with my 14 yr. old daughter each day before she heads off to school. Any suggestions?” (Read our thoughts, share yours.)

Our Favorite Oatmeal

Baked oatmeal is my kids’ absolute favorite breakfast. No coffee cake or muffins or egg dish tops this one in their book. And that’s alright by me since it’s healthy and very simple to prepare! […]

Thai Food